Our team and partners are critical to the success of our client work. Everyone affiliated with Strata is part of an efficient, interdisciplinary team of experienced professionals.


Carsen Anthonisen - Consulting
In addition to consulting, Carsen works closely with Strata's team and partners in scoping your projects, ensuring "fit," team-building, and contracting. Ultimately, he's responsible for your satisfaction and long-term relationship with Strata.

Brent Fitzpatrick - Development
Brent is responsible for identifying the best technical approach to make your vision a reality.  His broad experience with organizations of various sizes - from start-up to corporate - helps him see how technology impacts the entire organization.

Clare Price - Strategy
Clare offers our clients a unique combination of business intelligence, marketing savvy and deep dive research and analysis skills that sets their businesses up for long-term sustainable growth in sales, revenues and profits.

Maria Meehan - Website Design, Graphic Design, Branding
Maria is Strata's go-to design and branding resource, and so much more. Maria has a strong strategic sense, and is an expert at understanding the balance between design and functionality.

Jim Tendick - SEO Strategy and Management
Jim has over two decades of software development, business strategy, and leadership experience. Certified as an SEO expert in 2004, he has an understanding of the web-related business challenges faced by large and small organizations. 

Roberta Neidigh - Photography, Image Management
Roberta works with the Strata team to provide photography and image management for clients. Her creative work has been shown in California, New York, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington, Illinois and Massachusetts.


Digital Deployment
Strata has partnered with Digital Deployment since 2006, delivering on solutions that fall outside of their core competencies of CMS and web development.


Viaspire has been a key partner with Strata since 2003. Viaspire is a full service digital agency, helping clients design, develop, implement and manage digital strategies.

Hall Market Media
Hall Market Media offers planning, strategy and placement for multiple types of media: web, social media, and mobile apps, as well as all traditional mass media formats.

Consortium for Manufacturing Mojo
The Consortium for Manufacturing Mojo (CMM) is a collaborative team of high-performing professionals dedicated to supporting, sustaining and growing a healthy and viable manufacturing sector in the Greater Sacramento region.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.
— Cory Booker, U.S. Senator